Computer Services & Consulting

Computer Repair & Security

Most problems are software-related, including viruses and malware. Some of the time, hardware needs to be repaired or replaced. But even the best running computer is vulnerable to the many viruses, malware and scams that come with internet life. There are many simple, inexpensive/free ways to maximize your defenses. Bottom line: if it’s slow, odd or something’s definitely wrong: contact me. I’d be happy to offer a diagnosis.

Computing Advice & Consultation

Sometimes folks just need someone to bounce some ideas off, or to help them decide how to proceed. New computer? Mac or Windows? Having someone with experience and know-how can save a lot of hassle, time and money.

Business Consultation & Support

Many small businesses and non-profits in our area simply cannot afford an IT department. Fearless Computing is available as a “rentable” IT department, and discounted monthly retainers for businesses can save money while avoiding potential unseen problems.

Backups & Data Retrieval

Losing files, especially vital ones, can be heartbreaking as well as costly. While a reliable backup is really the antidote to data loss, not everyone is prepared. If you suddenly find yourself with a dead hard drive or lost file(s), I can often pull things back when they were thought to be gone forever.

Purchasing New Computer

When the time comes to purchase a new computer, there are soooo many options. It’s also not clear when an oldr computer has run it’s course, and whether putting more money into repairing is better than buying a new one. When you do buy a new computer (or printer or other device), it’s easy to try and save money, yet end up with an unreliable computer or accessory. I am happy to help my clients move through that jungle to find good equipment at a good price.

Anything & Everything

I see myself as an ally, a guide, and someone you can count on to help optimize your use of technology. There are so many ways these devices can ease your way. No need to settle for frustration and under-utilizing what is pretty amazing technology.


I’m here to help. Just ask.

When it comes to computers, we all have different levels of skill, experience and interest. Many people have little or no idea about various aspects of computers and IT, and often don’t care to know…they just want the damned thing to work. They’re often shy or embarrassed about not knowing things that, ultimately, not that many people actually know. I named my business Fearless Computing because I see anxiety, fear and confusion often result in computer fear from otherwise intelligent and capable people. Figuring out what you need to know and what you DON’T need to know can reduce anxiety and narrow the focus for many users. There are no dumb questions…so don’t be afraid to ask. In the immortal words of my philosophy professor, Joseph Greco: “nobody’s stupid; we all just know different things”.

Champion Computer Wrestler

Fearless Computing